HYPED over HEARTLESS.  When I say heartless, I’m not talking about the kind of heartless when someone does something selfish and ruthless to someone else…I’m talking about the feeling you have when you’re completely disconnected from yourself.  When you’re going through the motions doing everything you have always done and everything you’re suppose to be doing but still feel unfulfilled and empty…or as I’m calling it, HEARTLESS.

Heartless means somewhere along the way you lost sight of what you really wanted out of life.  Or maybe what you want has shifted and you don’t know how to process your new desires, so you sit in inaction. Heartless is feeling this dull feeling of emptiness or a  void in the deepest part of you even though life may be going good for you.

I only know this because I’ve been in this place.  I remember going mad thinking things like  “What is this feeling?” “Why am I not happy?” “Why can’t I dig myself out of this rut?” I had never experienced thoughts like these and I felt guilty for feeling this way because I have a good life.  I’ve worked hard to have a successful business,  I have an awesome team, I have a supportive and loving family, I have great friends, I have a roof over my head, a car to drive and I’m financially stable.  I would feel immense gratitude for all of these things yet I still felt empty.

It’s a confusing place to be and when you’re operating from this place you really have nothing to give to anyone else because you don’t even know what you’re needing yourself.  You’re stuck in a pit of uncertainty and indecision. You feel like you’re going through the motions, just showing up.  The feelings of zeal, excitement, creativity and energy that you once felt have slowly fizzled.

My experience is that if you leave these feelings unacknowlegded they only seep deeper showing up as physical and mental signs of wear and tear.  Tiredness, muscle tightness, headaches, lack of motivation & procrastination.  Ignore these signs and the knocks on your door get louder as things such as discontentment, sadness, emptiness, loneliness, depression and physical ailments show up to remind you that something has gone terribly wrong.

I am certainly not saying there aren’t circumstances that require medical attention and care…but for me personally,  the physical and mental shit show that I was experiencing was a direct result of me ignoring and supressing my internal gut nudges…my intuition.

I’m going to get real with you for a second in the same way I needed to get real with myself in these moments.

I hate to break it to you but you are NOT broken.  You were NOT DESIGNED to show up in this world a half ass version of yourself…sad, helpless, meek, tired and weary.  You were NOT intended to walk through this one and only life of yours feeling uninspired and empty with an “I guess this as good as it gets” kind of attitude.   Are you freaking kidding me?!

Go ahead, start making excuses…start complaining about how you are jaded, or how you can’t because you were dealt a bad hand in life, or how no one understands how it is for you…hear me when I say,  If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them.  They are yours to own and live every day.  I was here…I fought so hard and found every excuse to stay exactly in the place where I felt so miserable because it had become my new normal.

BUT…I want to tell you… that you are GIFTED.  You possess something inside of you that you are meant to SHARE with the world.  You were designed to make a DIFFERENCE.  This life, this journey you are on…is impeccably perfect even though it may seem imperfect right now.  DESIRES, HOPES & DREAMS were placed in your heart for a reason.  Do NOT suppress them, ignore them or think that they are out of your realm.  UPLIFT them, RESPECT them and give ENERGY to them.  ALLOW yourself to feel excitement and anticipation about your dreams.  Recognize that the only PERMISSION you need to start living fully is permission from yourself.  Start taking brave steps toward them in spite of FEAR…because your PASSION, your PURPOSE and your POSITIONING will engulf fear when ACTION IS TAKEN.

If you don’t believe this about yourself…then borrow my belief in you until you get your own.  I openly offer it to you because I don’t know who you are reading this, I may have never even met you…but I don’t have to because I already know that you are awesome and gifted and capable and worthy and powerful.

Get HYPED about your life, your purpose and your mission.  Take time to give thought, attention and planning to it.  About a thousand cheesy quotes are hitting me right now like “You are the author to your own story” and “This isn’t your final chapter”  But really, I want to leave you with something simple…

HYPE over HEARTLESS.  Get hyped about your life….stop living heartless!

Take brave steps…let limitations fall. Ignore nay sayers, do your thing, work hard, stay humble, take chances…and I’ll see you rise & shine and so will everyone else!

So much Love!








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