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1)the in-demand hairstylist

who it's for

This online course was designed for the hairstylist who is passionate, driven and ready to build a successful and fulfilling career.  

The In Demand Hairstylist is for you if…

  • You still have plenty of white space in your book.  
  • You’re having  trouble getting referrals 
  • You’re not making the money you need to live the lifestyle you want. 
  • You’re working hard but making no progress
  • Feel like you have no balance in your life 
  • Lack confidence 


Deciding If This Is Right For You

If you’re here and reading this, I believe it’s exactly what you need.  You’re seeking something that you’re currently missing to help support you in your growth.  You see big things for yourself but you’re not sure how to get there.  You’ve tried but you feel like your wheels are spinning and here you are.  If you landed on this page and your reading this and it’s hitting home for you.  If this is you…it’s time to take the leap my love…there is no better time NOW. 

What You'll Learn

This is not your ordinary haircutting, coloring or balayage class.  In fact we actually talk very little about that kind of stuff.

Instead, we will work on YOU.  Everything from getting clear on your goals and creating an actionable plan to get there.  We will work on mindset, habits, and goal setting.  In this training we will unlock the secrets of what the most successful hairstylists are doing and how you can become one of them.  It’s time to turn this passion of yours into an abundant career and go from an average hairstylist to an IN DEMAND HAIRSTYLIST.   


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2. coaching

Deciding If This Is Right For You
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3. event speaking

let's work together

available for motivational and educational speaking at events, trainings and masterminds.  To reserve a date click here.


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