Yesterday was my 35th birthday!!! Chapter 35.

Leading up to this birthday, the entry way to my mid-thirties (sounds so weird to say)…I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel.  I can honestly say that I felt AMAZING turning 35.  Stepping into this chapter of my life I have this exuberant sense of excitement, confidence and expectation for my life.  As I went through my day…A thought kept reoccurring to me and it was this…

Kristen…you have lived 35 years.  In another 35 years you ill be 70!  So WHAT is it that you want to do with this next 35 years…essentially, the second half of your life?  It’s a hefty question …it’s deep…but that’s just how my brain works, I can’t turn it off.  But I’m grateful that it works that way, because that question raises necessity in my life.  It’s forcing me to stop and think…how do you want to live, who do you want to help, how do you want to serve, what do you want to experience, how can you experience more joy in your life, how can you strengthen and share your gifts with the world and how can you leave a little dent in the universe before you head out?

Shit, if that doesn’t get you pumped up then I don’t know what will.  I love that in this season of my life I’m getting to know who I really am AND who I’m really not…I love that I’m caring less about stuff and more about life and the experiences in it.  I’m learning to trust myself more instead of needing the validation of everyone around me.  I’m 110% a work in progress.  We all are.  But what I find myself asking more and more often is, “Are you making the most of your time right now?”  Sometimes my answer is yes and sometimes my answer is no…and that’s ok.

I think the important thing is recognizing that our time here is limited.  Birthdays and milestones are a great reminder that we are alive, that we have opportunities and have breath left in us to bring purpose to our days…and  if you’re breathing my friend, you have purpose!  Take time to discover that purpose, nurture it and share it.  Not only does the world crave your authentic self and need you to contribute your gifts but there is also a sense of fulfillment when you’re living a life that is in alignment with who you truly are.

So I’ll share with you my answers to the above questions…

I want to spend the next 35 years (and hopefully many more) bringing inspiration, impact and joy.  That’s it…it’s really simple.

If I can strut out of this world with winged eyeliner, some lip gloss and a good pair of heels… while leaving an imprint of INSPIRATION, IMPACT and JOY with the people I come in contact with…then I’m golden.

So each day, I have to ask myself…how can I BRING inspiration, impact or joy to others…or will what I’m about to do/say bring inspiration, impact and joy?  Thats living in alignment.  And don’t for a second think that what you bring to the world has to be monumental or else it’s pointless.  Oh no.  One of my commitments is simply to share a smile with others more often.  A smile.  It doesn’t cost a dime…its not earth shattering nor is it something that can change the world but it might just change one persons’ world.

It’s in the small commitments that we are able to make waves, to create something beautiful out of this life.  And while you are building you’re castle, remember to do it with humbleness, hard work and joy…and of course have some fun, laugh and be silly while you’re doing it too! ;)

Cheers to 35!  Cheers to you and me! and Cheers to this life!

So Much Love,




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