Like A Boss – My #1 Business Building Strategy for Hairstylists

Let’s talk a little biz…As a hairstylist it is crucial to always be building your business.  What does this mean?  If you are a hairstylist, whether you are in a commission based salon or a booth rental scenario….you are RUNNING a business…Like A Boss or maybe not so much like a boss.

Can you honestly say that you show up and treat everyday as if you are running your own business behind the chair?  When you can begin thinking in this way, a world of opportunities will show up for you.

Today I want to share one of the most important business building strategies that I used over the years.  Although its simple, its been a staple strategy in my business over the past 11 years and has been one of great impact.

This strategy is to Always Remember What It’s Like to Be A Client!

So often we can get caught up in our days…maybe we are overbooked, or we don’t feel confident in a particular service, or maybe you have been doing this for so many years it’s become automatic…almost to automatic.  Maybe you are a busy stylist who has a waiting list for 3 months out and you let your guard down and begin to get a little lazy with your clients.

These, and so many other things can become distractions in building the clientele, paycheck and business of our dreams.

My question for you is….what has your clients choosing you?  What has them wanting to spend their hard earned money in your chair?  You may come up with a list of all the reasons why your clients love you….you’re talented, you have the best and newest tools, you stay up on your education, you specialize in a particular service….while all of these things are certainly reasons why our clients continue to see us, one reason that I think is overlooked is our ability to Remember What It’s Like To Be A Client. 

Its so incredibly important to put yourself in your clients shoes from the beginning of their experience to the end.  Remember, that this is NOT a second home for our guests like it is for us.  Salon visits for some of our clients can be intimidating…for others its a relaxing escape from their kids…and for some it’s a necessity and they want to get in and out.

Whatever the case may be…our job as hairstylists (on a mission to build an amazing career) is to not only do amazing work behind the chair but to  also  provide and amazing experience.

In order to continue providing and experience that is memorable, an experience that they tell their friends about and an experience that leaves them counting down the weeks until their next visit….we  must remember what is like to be a client…from start to finish.

My challenge for you is to exchange services with someone in your salon…or better yet visit a different salon with the intent of feeling like a real client.  Take it all in…the greeting, the shampoo, the consultation, the actual service, the styling and how they send you off.  How did your experience leave you feeling… relaxed? refreshed? informed? important? valued? appreciated?

Your mission should be to capture this feeling/feelings and then to go back and evaluate the client experience that you are giving your own clients.  In what areas do you feel like you’re doing great and in what areas do you need to step up your game?

Our industry is always evolving… and now more than ever our clients are expecting to have a fresh experience when they sit in our chair.  Connecting with your guests on a personal level and seeing the experience through their eyes will always keep you at the top of your game.  If you can continue to grow your technical skills as a stylist all while creating an unforgettable experience  and good feelings….you  my friend, will have clients for life.

So cheers to business building and cheers to the amazing career you are creating.  I can’t wait to see you shine!

So Much Love,





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