As a new blogger it has been a fun new adventure for me to have another platform to share my ideas, experience and perspective.  However today  my creative juices were not exactly overflowing.

But PASSION never fails.  Let me explain…

As I sat here waiting to feel a burst of inspiration to write, I found myself getting majorly distracted…playing with the fonts on my page and then checking my Instagram feed to see if anything new has popped up since I checked it last 2 minutes ago.  Made myself a fresh cup of coffee, scrolled through Facebook and then scoped out Zappos to find a cute pair of summer shoes.

OK, OK, HOLD UP….reeeeel yourself back in here Kristen!

I was totally getting sabotaged by my surroundings and was drifting further and further away from what I was suppose to be doing.   All of these things were an “escape” from having to deal with the task at hand: The fact that I was feeling major frustration about coming up with something even remotely interesting to write about.

So I forced myself to just sit for a moment.  In peace…in quiet…and just LISTEN.

And then it came to me…When Passion isn’t Present.

In a moment (this morning) when my passion wasn’t present and I had zero connection to my vision or purpose (sharing ideas, inspiring other & motivating greatness within)…intuition tapped and said this is it…this is exactly what you should be writing about.  My creativeness was then ignited and my passion was refueled and I got to writing this blog post for all of you.

You see, when we aren’t connected to our passion…very little is possible.  In fact anything and everything will distract us because we are constantly looking for something to get that jolt of instant gratification, happiness or joy.

I was not feeling connected to my passion or purpose, so I started flirting with behaviors like scrolling Facebook, watching Instagram stories and shopping for cute shoes…that were carrying me further and further away from what I was suppose to be doing NOT TO MENTION what was ACTUALLY going to inspire me, excite me and  bring a genuine sense of fulfillment and inspiration!

It wasn’t until forced myself to sit, be PATIENT and listen that I was able to surface something inside me that was there already there…

You see…your INTUITION is funny like that.  It sneaks in to give you all of the answers if you just stop and really listen.

PASSION actually IS present in every single one of us…even if you have to dust it off, unveil it or maybe your someone who has some digging to do to find it.  But it’s in there. I promise.

When your living out and sharing with the world your gifts and passion, fulfillment naturally happens.  Things are easier.  And when I say easier I’m speaking about ease and flow: LESS frustration, resentment, stress and bitterness and MORE waking up excited, inspired, grateful, happy, effective and influential.

What I have come to realize is, just like I was drifting this morning… many of us are drifting though life, not living out our true potential.  Stuck in a cycle of wake up…work…go to bed…repeat.  But what if you could rewrite your story to have a much more exciting story line…like…wake up (actually jump up)…live passionately…sleep restfully…  AND can’t wait to wake up and do it again tomorrow!  That sounds like A LOT more exciting and a lot less like a scene from the movie Groundhog Day

The PROBLEM is….so many of us haven’t taken time to discover our gifts & passions OR we are afraid to live it out loudly and proudly.


(As a continued disclaimer)…I’m totally far from having it “all figured out” BUT I’d love to share with you what has worked for me and I’ve seen work for other successful people.  And although “finding your passion” is a much larger idea that could never be squeezed into a tiny blog post, I’ll share two practices that could help you FIND your passion AND  start LIVING  your passion TODAY!  Here we go…


    • Remember how earlier I talked about how I was “stuck” this morning feeling totally un- inspired to write…and then all the sudden it hit  me what I should be writing about…that’s INTUITION.  Intution will always lead you to your passion.
    • BEFORE you can listen TO your intuition, you have to listen FOR it; everyday, practice taking a moment to notice when you you feel joy, happiness, excitement, fulfillment, exhilaration or any other ‘gut feeling’ while you are at work, home or anywhere for that matter.
    • When you have those moments just jot them down in a notebook or in your phone.  These feelings are queues that whatever you are doing in that moment…a) your probably pretty good at and… b) you enjoy or love doing
    • TODAY, immediately, starting right now….find a way to start doing more of the things that bring you joy, happiness, excitement, fulfillment and exhilaration.  Take some time to figure out where in your days, weeks, and months you can fit in more of the juicy stuff that fills you up.
    • It sounds simple…and it is!  But it’s hard to do.  What I mean is, that you have to be FEARLESS in protecting your passion because there is no doubt there are going to be people who will tell you that you can’t or don’t understand why you’re doing what you’re doing…and guess what…that’s OK.  It’s going to take something from you to be able to take a stand for your life, your gifts, your path and your passion when the “Ney- sayers” get ney-ing.


I’d love to hear what you’ve come up with! Feel free to shoot me an e-mail with your new found treasures…I’d love to connect :)


Have a beautiful weekend <3