I had a revelation this week that gently tapped me on the shoulder and I  knew that I had to share it with all of you! It’s this idea of the “never ending full plate”

Anyone who knows me, especially those that know me well, will tell you that I am a busy gal.  I’m a Mom, fiance, business owner, boss, mentor,  hairstylist and business & life coach.  My days are filled with packing lunches and making breakfast, one on one meetings and zoom calls, haircuts and hair color, clients and employees,  laptops and spreadsheets, hockey games and homework.

Life. Is. Crazy!  Full of fun, full of stress, full of laughter, full of frustration, full of inspiration, full of rushing around, and full of reflection…just simply FULL!

It hit me as I was sitting in my office at the salon that my “plate” is ALWAYS FULL…and I mean over flowing full!  Have you ever seen a waitress carrying that huge tray filled with heaping plates of food and think….how in the bloody hell are you even carrying ALL of that… and PLEASE, please don’t drop it!

That’s EXACTLY what it feels like.  Like every day is this wobbly unsteady plate of “stuff” to do…thats just bound to topple over at some point and create a huge mess.  It got me thinking…like WHY do I do this myself?  It’s as if my plate of life is not 110% full I’m not DOING or BEING enough.  It’s CRAZINESS!

It’s like this light bulb went off and just illuminated the entire room.  *Tap on the shoulder* Umm Kristen…1) You are doing this to yourself, 2) It’s OK that this is how it has been for you AND 3) It does NOT have to be like this.  Having this Ah-ha moment has opened up space for me to explore:  WHAT am I trying to prove by living this “every minute of every day has to be occupied” lifestyle and more importantly WHY am I choosing it! (side note: I’m still working on figuring this out) however….

What I do know is that we have the right to choose powerfully each and every day WHAT we do, HOW we do it, and WHO we show up as.  I realized in that moment that the “always having to DO MORE” attitude was actually not serving me OR the people around me.

More often that not I’m showing up as the frazzled, overwhelmed, stressed out and the overly “busy” version of Kristen which is ineffective and uninspiring.  The complete opposite of my authentic self.


Although Lord knows I’m far from having it all figured out, I can share with you what has helped me have more control of my days, creating a sense of accomplishment, completion and more peace in my days.

Here it goes…

Each day I choose 3 (and only 3) major things that I want to accomplish that day.  You may feel the urgency to choose more but remember…it’s BETTER to choose 3 important tasks and do them really well with love and care than to do 10 things in a frantic half assery!


If you are super productive and happen to knock the ball out of the park and bust it all out before say 10am, guess what…YOU GET TO CHOOSE!

-Can I choose 1 or 2 more things that I can accomplish today that will give me a sense of COMPLETION.

-Give myself a metaphorical high five and say good job, you’ve accomplished a lot today…now its time to treat myself to some RELAXATION.

-Can I choose to do something for ME that will refuel me or “fill up my cup”…maybe start that workout that I’ve been wanting to do, read a good book or connect with an old friend.

Just think…3 important tasks each day for 5 days is 15 tasks a week! Not only does that sound way easier than jam packing my days into a holy cluster-f*%#  but it ALSO sounds like a pretty productive week AND even better that I have some down time to regroup, refuel or just chill.

Not every day is perfect but remember that every day is an opportunity to be better.

I’d like to sign off with a quote that one of my awesomely insightful clients shared with me this week…

“We LEARN the way ON the way”

Love it!  Have a beautiful weekend loves ;)