TRIBE: Grace & Good Friends…the ultimate pick me up when sh*t hits the fan.

I’m often a positive person with a go getter attitude. But some days man, sh*t hits the fan. On these days my thoughts get the best of me. Negativity gets the best of me. Stress gets the best of me. Overthinking gets the best of me. Emotions get the best of me.

When I’m consumed by these emotions you can catch me doing one or all of these things….ugly crying, cursing like a sailor, or becoming a complete recluse. And regardless of what some people may perceive me as…a business owner, having it all together, successful or heck, maybe you perceive me as something totally different. I know that when my weaknesses surface…they hit me hard. And although I may be able to put on some shiny armor and plaster a smile across my face…I suffer in my weaknesses…just like we all do.

It’s not pretty. It’s the stuff we don’t want other people to see. But for some reason this morning I was reminded that it’s ok to take the armor off sometimes. It’s ok to let the right people in to see the not so shiny things that are happening inside.

Notice I said “the right people”. The intricacies of your heart aren’t meant to be shared with the world. Blasted on an Instagram story or on a Facebook rant. Blabbed to anyone who will listen. The matters of your heart are fragile and you should be choosy with whom you share them with. In the same way you should be choosy about the guy you date or the man you choose to marry.

I talk about “tribe” a lot. My “hairstylist tribe” a.k.a the amazing community of hairstylists that follow and support my work. My “salon tribe” a.k.a the awesomely talented team of hairstylists at our salon Contempo Artistries. And just like I have professional tribes… I’ve come to learn that it is just as valuable to of have a small & sacred honest, genuine and like-minded personal tribe as well.

Maybe this is your husband or boyfriend. Maybe it’s your parents or a couple of really good girlfriends. Maybe it’s a mentor or someone at your church. If you have your “tribe” you’re blessed.

For many years I hustled so hard in my career that I put little to no effort into my personal relationships…and they suffered. I could count on one hand the number of friends I could call up to ask for help, get sound advice from or just vent.

What I will say…is that when I decided I wanted to change that and I wanted to create more meaningful and close friendships in my life God absolutely delivered. I’ve never seen God work in the way that he has worked in my personal life…guiding me to experiences and places where I would meet amazing women who would become pillars of strength in my life.

Without striving, without pushing, without hustling or forcing (which is how I pretty much do everything in my life)… the right people came into my life at the right time, effortlessly. My friendships have been a constant reminder for me of how God provides what we need, when we need it. He gives us grace when we are messy, He gives us love when we feel unlovable, and He gives us peace when we are pacing. And He provides the right people at the right time to walk this thing called life with.

Some days I feel like a damn superhero but many days I feel more like I’m missing the mark. God’s grace and a great tribe remind me that I’m human…that tomorrow is a new day…and that I’m actually pretty badass. That I have gifts to share and a purpose to walk in.

So today…as a sacred “tribe” member reading this, I want to remind you….You are awe inspiring! The days may beat you down and make you feel like you are less than… but you are worth more than you could ever imagine. You have purpose…you have gifts in the core of your soul, you are needed, so desperately needed…so rise up, it’s a new day and you were meant to walk in your greatness, in grace and in love.



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