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Leading Hairstylists to their True Potential

Life’s MOST VALUABLE LESSONS learned from working behind the chair as a HAIRSTYLIST.

From behind the chair to behind the microphone… I’m taking my 16 years as a hairstylist and salon owner and bringing you stories, lessons and secrets that will INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and GUIDE YOU to create your own kind of beautiful in life. 

We will talk all the things life, business, growth, success and of course anything else that happens to come up.  So grab a coffee or maybe a martini, this is… 




I am passionate about supporting, coaching and guiding hairstylists to break free of their limitations and to achieve personal, professional and financial success! 


Are you struggling to build a clientele? 


Do you have open spots in your book?


Do you feel over worked and under paid?


Do you need direction in how to build a successful fulfilling and abundant career as a hairstylist?


What I Offer

Online Trainings

The In Demand Hairstylist is a 6 week online course that provides a blueprint for creating the foundation to go from average to In Demand.  We will uncover the secrets of what TOP PRODUCING hairstylists are doing differently and how YOU can become one of them.  Step by step we will discover and implement the success building habits of an IN DEMAND HAIRSTYLIST!  This training includes weekly online trainings, live Q&A sessions, access to a private and intimate FB group of like minded hairstylists, and added bonuses.  If your ready to up level your life and career as a hairstylist JOIN THE WAITLIST.


Why COACHING? Just like a professional athlete needs a coach to push them to their potential and to achieve their goals faster…we as hairstylists need this same support if we are going to do BIG THINGS!

ONE ON ONE COACHING:  One on one coaching is the most personalized service we offer.  Working directly on your fears, habits and hurdles to creating a specific roadmap to achieve your dream life and career.


Available for motivational and educational speaking at events, trainings and masterminds.  To reserve a date click here.

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