I’m STUCK! 5 ROADBLOCKS that stop us from SUCCESS:

Have you ever found yourself STUCK in stagnancy on the road to success? In your life, in your career…in the slow lane getting nowhere fast? I know that I’ve been in this frustrating place more than a few times in my life and each time I’ve learned a valuable lesson about how & why I got stopped. Hang with me as I walk you through 5 major roadblocks that hinder us from reaching our true potential.

It’s kind of hard to start without beginning with this fundamental piece…the most important step in achieving the fulfillment you want in your career & in your life is that FIRST, you must believe that you are capable of achieving it AND that you absolutely deserve it!

Whether we are talking about a promotion at work, more money in your bank account, more meaningful relationships, more opportunities to share your gifts and talents, that dream vacation, or the new car or designer bag…the FIRST STEP is believing that you are capable and deserving of having it.

I know this sound simple or almost too easy…like “OK, ummm YES of course, I want to have more money in my bank account and hell yes I deserve it because I work my ass off”. Or maybe you are someone who says “I know it’s achievable to have more fulfillment in my life or career because I see other people doing the things I want to do…and I feel like I’m deserving of those things too”. Having the belief that the things that you want are achievable and within an arms reach is essential to getting them.

So why, if so many people believe their next level of success or fulfillment is achievable and that they are also deserving, do they not have it? It’s the next question that surfaces that will stop people dead in their tracks…and that is HOW?

I know what I want, I know it’s achievable, I believe I deserve it…but HOW do I get there?

HOW, is where most people get stopped. They take one look at the path ahead and see that it’s not a straight shot and they get scared and turn around. Coming up with WHAT we want is the fun part, but the HOW… that becomes a little more involved. I’m going to share with you just a handful of the “how’s” and why they keep people stranded and stagnant in their current situations. See if any of these resonate for you..

  1. HOW requires to evaluate what you are currently doing, what’s working & what’s not– First of all, this takes actually admitting that what you are currently doing isn’t working (Hello Ego!) Secondly this takes time to sit and come up with solutions or creative ways to be or do differently. Quite simply…we don’t always feel like taking the time, effort or energy from our daily lives to do this. It’s cool if you don’t…you may just not be at the place where the level of necessity is high enough for you to take steps towards what you truly want. But in the meantime…it’s kind of pointless to complain if you haven’t at least done some sort of self evaluation & reflection (out of love Boo!)
  2. HOW requires to drop the excuses – Honestly…this is the hardest damn part for me. Excuses validate our inaction or our unproductive ways. They are an illusion of comfort and we love them for this reason. However, if you are for real about creating a life that you love, you have to be willing to drop those babies or else it’s always going to be an uphill battle.
  3. HOW requires you to STRETCH -Let’s face it…you wouldn’t be reading this if you already had what it was you were striving for right? So I think it’s safe to say that the way in which you have been doing, thinking, or acting isn’t cutting it. The HOW of reaching your goals is going to require some uncomfortable moments of stretching on your part, and honestly, people just don’t like being uncomfortable. They would rather sit in the comfort of their misery than step into the discomfort of their dreams.
  4. HOW sometimes requires you to ask for HELP – I resisted this for a long time. I use to think I could do it all on my own, figure it out, work, grind and hustle my way to everything I wanted…and although I believe having the grit to work hard is essential, I also believe that reaching out for the help, guidance and knowledge that you need is an absolute MUST. You have to be willing to take your armor off and eat a slice of humble pie to realize you don’t have all of the answers.
  5. HOW requires PATIENCE – I think we can all admit that we live in a culture of instant gratification. And although we can post a picture and within seconds feels some sort skewed fulfillment or achievment by the number of views or likes it has…thats not exactly how achieving you dreams or having a meaningful life works. See, we get hyped and decide to put our effort into something and if we don’t see immediate results…we either give up or move on to the next way to get there…and then we do that thing for two weeks and it doesn’t work so we move on to the next…and the cycle continues. We are so damn anxious for it all to happen right NOW…at the snap of our fingers. The problem is, we never gave it the time it needed to bloom.

The HOW, my friends, is the journey that gives purpose to your dreams. The growth that happens along the way is what makes the destination so sweet. Don’t get stopped at “HOW”. Don’t let the work scare you, don’t let the fear of having to stretch yourself keep you from stepping forward into a life that has your name written all over it. You are deserving of the desires in your heart, and you are wildly capable of the journey to get there and beyond <3



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