FAIL Forward

How much are you holding yourself back? I often wonder how much more impactful and inspiring I could be in my own life and in others’ if I just let myself BE. If I allowed myself to step fully into the ideas I have, gave myself permission to live unapologetically in alignment with my heart and soul nudges, and if I could blissfully be carefree of the thoughts and judgments of others.

Maybe you’re like me and have FAILED before…. miserably, embarrassingly, gut wrenchingly failed! Failing, and the feelings that come along with it can be enough to paralyze you from ever trying again. It’s enough to keep you comfy cozy in a safety bubble where no one can criticize you, or laugh at you, or belittle you for trying.

I’ve retreated to this safe place before. I’m not going to lie….it’s easier! You don’t have to worry about failing if you’re not trying. You don’t have to worry about people judging you if you don’t stand out. It feels very comfortable to be seated in the crowd…that is, until you are the one watching on the sidelines as someone else was brave enough to step up, stand out and move forward in the very way you wish that you could.

In which case, all the sudden it becomes painful to sit quietly as a spectator in your own life. It becomes constraining to worry about what others will think. Feeling like jealousy and resentment creep in.

I recently heard something along the lines of….”NBA players are payed millions of dollars….are they expected to make every shot? Or is every NFL player expected to make every single catch?” NO….the answer is No! They will FAIL. And YES people will judge and criticize them from the sidelines. Does that stop them from showing up at the next game? Does that stop them from practicing and grinding to become the very best that they can be? Does it stop them from pursuing their dream? No.

Being vulnerable enough to step up, TRY and FAIL is more honorable than sitting on the sidelines will ever be. Being bold enough to get back up and TRY and FAIL again without giving up is more inspiring than giving up will ever be; TRYING & SUCCEEDING after failing is more rewarding than being a spectator & critic will ever be.

Fail forward my friends. I can’t wait to see you rise!



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